Stem cells cryo-preservation

Stem cells cryo-preservation is a service that allows you to store this very important biological heritage. These cells can be extracted from the amniotic fluid, from the chorionic villi, (in several moments of the pregnancy process) and also from children or wisdom teeth: 
1) Immediately after the delivery, by collecting the chorionic villi directly for the expelled placenta;
2) During the pregnancy, throughout the prenatal screening test called CVS;
3) During the delivery, by a designed amniocentesis performed for both natural and cesarean births;
4) During the pregnancy, while performing the amniocentesis at the second trimester for prenatal screening testing, or also at the 35th week (late amniocentesis); 
5) When a children lose whichever teeth; 
6) Whenever someone have one wisdom tooth out.

The sample will collect using a special kit, it will be sent to the Biocell Center’s closest laboratory for the stem cell cryopreservation.

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