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The events reported by the press in these days concerning cord blood banks do NOT in any way concern Biocell Center and Biocell Lugano, today Famicord Suisse. Customers interested in information on their contracts can contact us at info@biocellcenter.it or by phone +41 79 389 81 83

Give your baby a great opportunity for the future...Biocell Center, the world leader in fetal stem cell banking
The best service's quality at the best priceBiocell Center, the world leader in fetal stem cell banking
Fetal stem cells: a resource for your babyBiocell Center, the world leader in fetal stem cell banking

Biocell Center is the first company in the world to cryo-preserve stem cells collected from amniotic fluid and chorionic villi.
Managed by an extraordinary team of scientists, biologists, and geneticists, Biocell Center operates all over the world offering to selected partner services of its cryobanks and licensing of its own patents.
These services include cryobanks of amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, placenta, cord tissue, dental teeth stem cells and amniotic membrane.
The company headquarter is located in Contone (CH) and Biocell Center owns laboratories and cryobanks in Switzerland, United States and Italy.


When you are cryo-preserving the placental stem cells of your baby you are protecting them in the safest way for his/her safety, while doing so in the most efficient way. This important biological heritage has a strong potential that can not only be used in clinical trials as today, but also in the future when your baby will be older and scientific research will be more advanced. Placental stem cells have high differentiation and proliferation rates: this is indeed a biological heritage that has to be kept safe through the efficient and convenient method that was developed thanks to Biocell Center’s technology.
Our children are the most important joy that the Earth gives us and we now give them an extra chance with a very high quality service (according to US highest standards) and competitive costs.


Teeth are a great source of stem cells for banking, both from children’s primary teeth and adult’s wisdom teeth, because of the ease of collecting them.
(to collect a baby tooth that’s naturally fallen or a extracted wisdom tooth).
Moreover, the dental pulp in your child’s milk and wisdom teeth is an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells.


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