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Advisory notice on the protection and secrecy of the data – [subject to Italian Law]
The site’s general Policy on the subject of Privacy

This internet site is controlled and managed by Biocell Center S.p.a., in its capacity of Titleholder of the treatment, supported by the company, MonkeyTrip Communication Srl, based in Italy.
Biocell Center S.p.a. and MonkeyTrip Communication Srl guarantee the security, the secrecy and the protection of the data in their possession, in whatsoever phase of the process of treating the same.
All the data and information in their possession, gathered by means of the Internet or by other means, are used with respect to the norms fixed by D.Lgs. [Legislative decree, Italy]196/2003 and with respect for company secrecy.
The site contains links to other WEB sites not managed by the Titleholder, who is thus not responsible for their content or for their respect for the norms and directives regarding the protection and secrecy of the data.

It is possible to visit our site and access the information while maintaining anonymity and without revealing any personal data.
For better management of the site, certain information is collected anonymously for statistical reasons. The IT system, through appropriate programs, produces general, anonymous data, aggregated, which is used to establish which items of information are of greater or lesser interest, to monitor the system’s performance and identify any areas of crisis.
Further, for security reasons and to ensure that the service is fully available to all users, MonkeyTrip Communication Srl uses traffic checking software on the site in order to identify unauthorised attempts to penetrate the system or change the information or whatsoever other attempt at intrusion and damage.
The data necessary to enable access to the online services are collected by traditional means and by direct contact with those requesting access.
The forms used within the online services are destined, for the most part, to collecting data anonymously. In any case, for each of these, the appropriate advisory note is quoted and, if necessary, provides for consent to be requested.

Biocell Center S.p.a will not communicate any data or personal identification information to third parties except, possibly and only where strictly necessary, to those involved as suppliers in distributing the services or to managing the contractual relationship and fulfilling consequent administrative requirements.

The protection of the data handled by our company is ensured by the physical and logical system and by the tutelage of the data adopted and described in the Program Security Document. The system is based on adopting adequate, physical and logical organisational security measures and is managed and coordinated by internal ressources dedicated to protecting the said data.

Those concerned may, at any time, exercise their rights as in article 7 of the Legislative Decree (Italy) of 30 June 2003 n° 196, or access their personal details to find out what they are being used for, have them cancelled, corrected, modified, updated or integrated, or, to oppose their treatment by writing to the following address: Biocell Center S.p.a. – Viale Stelvio 125 – 21052Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy.

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