Villocentesis: instructions
If you have already scheduled villocentesis procedure with your physician and you would like to preserve stem cells, please read instructions below:

1. You can enroll the preservation service filling in the contract online and pay directly with credit card, or you can download the contract and send it via email at
2. Biocell Center will send you preservation kit that you have to bring with you to your villocentesis date;
3. Once the collection has been done, the doctor will quantify the chorionic villi and put part of the sample collected into the sterile tube of kit, following the technical instructions given;
4. Bring the kit with you at home, keeping it at room temperature;
5. Call the courier. You can find the number on instruction paper inside the kit. The sample has to arrive in Biocell Center no later than 48 hours from collection;
6. Biocell Center will contact the parents after 30 days to communicate the outcome of amniotic fluid stem cells cryopreservation process.

For any additional questions or information please do not hesitate to contact us: our staff of biologists, clinicians and geneticists is available at Toll Free number 822 246 2720 – E-mail

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